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Dr. Bardadyn 'The Patron of Health'

Award for Dr. Bardadyn for promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Dr Bardadyn Smoothies

Exclusive License


Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Fitness Clubs, Hotels and Spas


~ Serve Diet Smoothies and Increase Your Income by Promoting Healthy Lifestyle ~






Dr Bardadyn Smoothies for over 10 years have been enjoying recognition among customers taking part in our slimming treatments and people interested in healthy lifestyle. The Smoothies are served in numerous luxurious restaurants, hotels and spas:


- BRISTOL Luxury Collection in Warsaw

- AQUARIUS Spa in Kolobrzeg 

- CARLSBAD PLAZA Medical Spa & Wellness Hotel ***** Superior in Karlove Vary

- SOFITEL Munich

- SOFITEL Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa and many others.


Recently, Dr Bardadyn Smoothies recipes started being available in form of Licenses for restaurants, bistros, bars, cafes, fitness clubs and various types of hotels and spas.  

Respond to your guests needs and expand your menu with 5 easy-to-prepare delicious low calorie Smoothies which were created by Dr Marek Bardadyn, famous expert in healthy lifestyle and nutrition. His patients are members of the royal families of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, world famous celebrities, politicians and athlets who slim down very fast on his renowned Dr. Bardadyn 800 Calorie Diet and slimming Smoothies. 


Dr Bardadyn Smoothies perfectly complement every gastronomic offer, regardless of its basic specialisation. You can easily introduce them to your menu without having to invest in expensive equipment and without need for additional training.


Healthy eating is trendy, so provide your guests with the best dietary Smoothies under the trusted brand Dr Bardadyn, and increase your income by gaining new loyal customers.




Strawberry - cleansing


Orange - immunizing


Coconut - energizing


Grapefruit - slimming


 Chocolate - mood-improving









We provide a proven know-how that enables you to start selling delicious Dr Bardadyn Smoothies in a fast-paced way in your running or newly opened restaurant, bar, brasserie, cafe, fitness club, hotel or spa. 





- Certificate for Licensee.

- Recipes of 5 best selling delicious diet Smoothies.

- Practical tips in the ingredients used and mixing technology.

- Right to use the Dr Bardadyn trademark to promote and sell the products covered by the License.





- Introduction of high-margin Dr Bardadyn Smoothies to your menu causes a significant increase in profits from your business.

- As a Licensee you set the prices of the Smoothies yourself. Usually the cost of ingredients is about 25 percent of the price of the Smoothie.

- Purchases of Smoothies ingredients are made from local suppliers without incurring additional fees to the licensor.

- Very good prospects for increasing sales as the consumption of Smoothies is systematically growing among all age groups.

- The sale of branded Smoothies makes the offer more attractive and does not interfere with the sale of other products.

- Thanks to its presence in the field of healthy eating and profitable cooperation with the recognized and trusted European brand Dr Bardadyn, the regular guests will be joined by many passionate people interested in healthy lifestyle.




- Purchase of a blender to mix Smoothies at a price of about $60.

- Purchase of Smoothie ingredients that are easily available and already used in many kitchen units.

- We do not charge entrance fee.

- We do not require you to report the volume of sale.


- The cost of the Licence is the equal of profit from selling one cocktail a day, which is $1,095 a year.


- The current promotional price is only $595 per year!

The amount of the license fee does not increase in next years - we guarantee it is the same throughout the duration of the Agreement as on the day of its signing.




- The average profit from the sale of 1 piece of Smoothie is $3.


The average sales of Dr Bardadyn Smoothies after 6 months is about 20 per day in middle size restaurant or cafe and even few times more at the bar located in the busy shopping mall and popular fitness center.


Calculation for a small cafe: 20pcs x $3 = $60 per day equals $1,800 per month, which is  $21,600 per year.


- Profit of $21,600 - the $595 license fee = a pure profit of $21,005.

Results may vary depending on the type and category of premises, the country, and the level of product promotion, but this is always an additional profit without investment. And also a powerful image asset providing a competitive advantage.        




1. Fill in and submit the Application, which you will find in the mail below.


2. We will send you the License Agreement and pro forma invoice for the first year of the Dr Bardadyn Smoothies License.


3. Send us back the signed Agreement and make a payment.


4. Upon receipt of the signed contract and payment, we will send you:

- The Certificate for Licensee. 

- The Dr Bardadyn Smoothies License Operating Manual containing: smoothie recipes, list of ingredients and advices on their purchase, smoothie mixing instruction.
- Dr Bardadyn logo and Smoothie images for use in your menus and advertisements.

- Final invoice.

Fill in and send the e-mail with Application Form:   



If you have any questions, please contact us:


Dr Bardadyn

Gdanska 3/14

01-633 Warsaw



Tel. +48 600 983 700

from Mon. to Fri. from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.







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