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Dr. Bardadyn 'The Patron of Health'

Award for Dr. Bardadyn for promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Information for Licensee

 Looking for ideas for your own business in the area of healthy eating? Join us!

'Dr Bardadyn Bars' offer a wide range of valuable natural and health products: fresh shakes with health benefits by Dr. Marek Bardadyn recipes, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, great salads, healthy sandwiches, tortillas, paninis and calzone. All proposals are based on Structural Diet products, which contain the maximum amount of natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Information for the franchisee:

Support for franchisees:

  • the right to use the trade mark
  • comprehensive know-how along with recipes for Structural Diet products, and support needed to create and manage Dr Bardadyn bar
  • execution of the individual project of  the point of sales and of information and advertising materials
  • consultation and assistance in running
  • training for employees

Basic requirements of the network:

  • Dr Bardadyn's Franchisee can be anyone who wants to lead his own business and have the necessary means to run the bar.
  • Legal title (eg, lease agreement, authenticated deed) to the catering premises in the shopping center or located in a good location (one of the busiest streets of major cities) or possession for the location of the island bar in the form of sales.
  • Adherence to the highest standards of quality.
  • We do not require food service experience.

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