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Dr. Bardadyn 'The Patron of Health'

Award for Dr. Bardadyn for promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Bardadyn Bars

Welcome to the Salad & Cocktail Bars signed with the brand of Dr. Bardadyn!

Dr. Bardadyn Bars offer a wide range of natural, valuable for health products: fresh cocktails with health benefits according to recipes by Dr. Marek Bardadyn, fresh fruit and vegetable juices and healthy snacks and meals.
All items are based on structural diet products
, which contain the greatest possible amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They represent a kind of 'elixirs of youth' for our health, appearance and well-being, affecting tissue rejuvenation, cleansing the body of toxins and improving metabolism. Propositions of Dr. Bardadyn Bars are a great alternative to caloric, rich in fat and sugar snacks and drinks that are present in the offer of other gastronomic venues.


Come and try one of the unique Dr. Bardadyn cocktails, which will be prepared specially for You from carefully selected ingredients! Slimming, accelerating metabolism, improving the appearance of the skin, cleansing of toxins ... the choice is Yours. All cocktails contain a real bomb of vitamins and other active substances and they are extremely low in calories. You will find in them thoughtful composition of fresh and dried fruits, cereals, nuts and seeds without any artificial additives. This cocktails are a healthy meal or snack and a supplement of your daily diet with valuable nutrients.


Test our delicious diet meals right now at home!
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Dr Bardadyn Clinic

Welcome to Dr. Baradyn Salad & Cocktail Bar for delicious cocktails, tortillas, paninis, calzone and salads.

Dr Bardadyn Salad & Cocktail Bar in Poznań

Dr Bardadyn Salad & Cocktail Bar in Bytom

Agora Bytom, Tadeusza Kościuszki Square 1, 41-902 Bytom

Dr Bardadyn Salad & Cocktail Bar in Gdańsk

Alfa Centrum, Kołobrzeska Street 41C, 80-391 Gdańsk

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Dr Bardadyn Smoothies

Licence for restaurants, bars, cafes, fitness clubs, hotels and spas. Widen your menu with delicious diet Smoothies.




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